Hot Headz® Welding Hats
Hot Headz® has been around for a couple of decades in Alberta. Boy, that makes me sound old! I started making my dad's welding hats when I was 14. He only had a couple & they were being held together by metal shavings. Apparently, you welders are a stylin' bunch & he couldn't find anything that said "welder extraordinaire".. lol. So Hot Headz was born. It has evolved from dad's hats to a few of his buddies to now selling across North America. There are even two styles. Give our flap style welding hat a try. It is great at keeping the cold chill off your neck. And you will no longer need to keep turning your regular welding hat around to cover your neck & adjusting it every time you turn around in the pipe. Each hat is individually crafted for that one of a kind look. They are very comfortable. And pre-shrunk so you can actually wear your hat after it's been washed. That was a big problem for dad. They shrunk so bad after the first wash they were 2 or 3 sizes too small. Of course, everyone knows... More